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Some of the dishes that the cuisine of Nayarit offers include delights as “pescado zarandeado”, which is prepared with snapper marinated in lemon and smoked with mangrove wood; it is served with slices of onion, tomato, and cucumber, accompanied by fresh tortillas, “tostadas”, and a sauce. A similar dish is “pescado tatemado”, which is normally made with liza and it is also prepared on a mangrove wood fire.

The shrimp ceviche of Riviera Nayarit is prepared with almost ground shrimp, mixes with grated carrots, lemon, salt, pepper; it is very different from the ceviches made in other parts of the country.

Other seafood dishes that are worth trying are “chicharron de pescado”, “tamales de cameron”, wrapped in palm tree leaves, and “marlin tacos.” Some typical specialties without seafood that are affordable for everybody are “pierce echado” and “tostadas de chanfaina”, which are chopped guts served with “huichol” sauce on corn toasts.

Pulpo Especial - Octopus (chunks) served with cucumbers, tomato and onion in a pepper sauce.

Chapuzon del Mar - Octopus, oysters and shrimp in a seasoned spicy sauce

Alegrias Special Platter - Stuffed lobster, crab legs, prawns, rice, garlic bread, fries, and salad. about alegrias special platter picture small

Charola Mixta Platter - Prawns, crab legs, mussels, and shrimp. about charola mixta platter picture small

Famosa Mariscada - Red snapper, tilapia, breaded fish fillet, breaded shrimp, shrimp wrapped in bacon, spicy shrimp Chapuzon del Mar, stuffed lobster, garlic bread, and rice. about famosa mariscada platter picture small

*Ultimate Nayarit Family Platter* - 2 stuffed lobsters, stuffed pineapple, chapuzon, shrimp (In diabla sauce), Mummy Shrimp (shrimp rapped in bacon), Breaded Shrimp, Breaded Tilapia, 2 fried tilapia, 2 fried red snapper, dungeness crab legs, steak samora, chicken samora, cucarachas (whole shelled shrimp), special octopus, never ending piles of Fries and Garlic Bread! about nayarit family platter picture small

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